Effective and domestic products.

Over the years, Jalkis care products have grown into a product family loved by Finns.

Good feeling from nature

The natural ingredients and their hidden health effects have inspired the company to develop a reliable and unique product family.

Courage, knowledge and skill

Courage, knowledge and skill are the cornerstones of our business. The courage to continue the business started by our parents in 1991 is based on the confidence that experience has given us in the performance of our products. The company has a knack for maintaining product quality, and a vision to innovate new products for future markets.

Honesty, reliability and security

When you do business with us, you can be confident that you will receive professional and honest service. We make it a point of honour to provide you with a personalised, reliable and warm customer service experience. For more than 30 years, we have been a safe partner for our dealers and customers.

Genuine original Jalkis products for total body wellness


Effective and domestic products. Over the years, Jalkis products have grown into a family of products loved by Finns. Based on the numerous customer feedbacks we have received, we can recommend our products with pleasure and pride!

Good feeling from nature Jalkis Oy is a Finnish family business, now in its second generation. The company has been inspired to develop a reliable and unique family of products based on natural raw materials and their hidden health benefits.

Original Jalkis products - made from high quality raw materials. In the midst of product development, the authenticity and originality of the products have remained unchanged for decades. The care products contain high quality, healthy ingredients that have proven their effectiveness over centuries.


Family - our greatest asset. As a dynamic extended family, we value people's well-being. Our family's strength comes from our diversity, our courage, our ability to respect and listen to each other. We strongly believe in the power of working together! As a family, we value Finnishness and the famous spirit that lies hidden in our people. Finnish traditions and values are close to our hearts.

Uncompromising customer service. Listening and meeting people is a priority for our company. That's why we offer our customers a personalised, warm and high-quality service.


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