The story of Jalkis Oy

In 1952, in the rural landscape of Central Savo, two little children, Sirkku and Antero, were born. As adolescence approached adulthood, they found each other and their love story began. Their journey together took the young couple to Haapakoski in Pieksämäki, where Antero was able to earn a living for his family at the Haapakoski pottery. The year was 1974. By 1988, the Tiitinen family had grown to six children.

The idea of building a family future through their own business began to live in their parents' minds. His father's outstanding success in sales encouraged him to look ahead and create something of his own that would bear fruit decades later. The wellbeing that comes from nature, helping people in a humane way and life-like encounters with people were already close to Antero and Sirku's hearts. This gave rise to a strong idea to start developing domestic remedies inspired by nature that would favour human health and thus overall wellbeing. Thus began the innovative and varied product development cycle of Jalkis products. After many years of product development, the first products of the Jalkis range were ready to meet the consumer. The products were packed into bags and travelled around Finland day in and day out. This journey has now been well over thirty years in the making.

The parents' admirable enthusiasm and love for their work was also captured in the hearts of the children in the family. There was no escaping the hard times when the recession hit Finland, and the same was true for the Tiitinen family business. However, the family's parents persevered and believed in their work, showing their children the meaning of perseverance and courage; life will bear. As a result of Finnish perseverance, the Jalkis family of products was able to continue to grow, bringing the most wonderful products to support people's wellbeing.

As the years went by, the wistful moment when it was time for parents to take the reins began to loom. Then we children had to ask ourselves whether we were ready to take care of the life's work and the legacy to which our parents had given everything. Do we dare to commit ourselves with the same strength and heart? To work and to meet people in a warm way? Can we together set new sails, trusting in the fair winds, even though times and the world have changed? Together, we decided to believe, trust and dare – just like our parents did.

With gratitude, we can continue along the path our parents set for us in our encounters with people. Our common hope is that with hard work and warmth of heart we can fill the big boots that were given to us. Our biggest dream is that the Jalkis product family developed by Sirkku and Antero Tiitinen using natural raw materials would continue to grow and reach new generations.
We are delighted that it is you who are walking this journey with us. We hope that our products can bring you joy, good cheer and wellbeing in your everyday life.

With love: six children