Pihkis resin-pitch oil cream

An all-purpose cream for the whole family, which can help with many ailments. It helps wounds heal faster and reduces inflammation. Due to its soothing properties, the cream is suitable for the treatment of proriasis and atopic dermatitis. The cream helps with cracked skin and calluses on the heels. The cream effectively treats diabetic wounds. The pitch oil used in the cream acts as a natural mosquito repellent and helps with the itching caused by insect bites. The ointment can also be used on animals.

The product does not contain artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Package size: 50 and 140 ml

The cream is not suitable for people who are sensitive to resin.

Alkaen 18.90

Weight kg (kilogram)


Regular use renews and treats dry and cracked skin. The active ingredient in the cream is spruce pitch, which protects and repairs damaged skin. Spruce pitch has a healing effect on wounds and infections. Pitch oil, on the other hand, naturally repels insects and helps with the itching caused by their stings. The ideal all-round cream for the whole family, the Pihkis Pitch Oil Cream is a great help for all kinds of ailments! Suitable as a general cream for the whole family, the Pihkis Pitch Oil Cream is based on pure white petroleum jelly, which is fragrance-free, colourless, gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. The cream does not clog pores, so it is suitable for almost everyone's skin.

Skin type:

dry skin, cracked heels, atopic skin, psoriasis, itchy skin, diabetic wounds, chronic wounds


therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, insect repellent, anti-itching

Instructions for use:

Depending on your needs, you can use the product daily, or 2-3 times a week to maintain the condition of your skin.

Take a small amount of the cream and rub it into the area to be treated.


Petrolatum, Picea abies resin 20%, Oleum picem

Active ingredients

Spruce pitch

nurturing - antibacterial

The health benefits of pitch have been known for centuries. In Finland, spruce pitch has been used since the Stone Age to treat wounds. Medical studies have proven the therapeutic effects of pitch and it is now widely used in medicine. Spruce pitch is known to have antibacterial effects and is therefore also ideal for treating infected wounds and preventing infections on the skin. The spruce pitch can undoubtedly be called the gold of our forests!

Pitch oil

anti-itch - soothing - soothing - for insect bites

Pitch oil is rich in pine-derived ingredients that are beneficial to health. Pitch oil from tar burning is an excellent remedy for insect bites and wounds.

Customer feedback

The cream helped me treat severe pruritus. Used regularly, the rash stays under control and does not flake.

– Juho, Kangasniemi

In the winter, the rashes went away completely when I used a resin-pitch oil cream.

– Taisto, Kangasniemi

I am very allergic to mosquito bites. Having tried many products, the resin-pitch oil cream is absolutely brilliant for itching.

– Pinja, Järvenpää